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Soooo....What is Vintage?

Updated: Dec 29, 2022

Pre-owned are any items that were originally purchased, or acquired as a gift, in a retail environment. Even if it still has the tags, or was never used, it is considered "pre-owned." This is important because companies have trademark regulations that ban sales of new goods unless you are an authorized dealer or distributor. For example, Walgreens can't sell Gucci, but Saks Fifth Avenue can. However, any individual can sell anything, as long as it was owned by an person and considered "pre-owned." Vintage is any goods over 25 years old, so around 1997 currently. Antiques are over 100 years old, so pre-1922 right now.

Sweet little white cat is rolling her eyes as if to say "Oh Please! Leave me alone to take my nap!" Made in Japan in the 1960's, this bone china figurine is a nice addition to any collection and would make a great addition to your office desk or kitchen windowsill.

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